MLAAL is one of finest transport company in Uttar Pradesh with more than 21 years of experience in Domestic Moving Service. Mr Abdul Hai khan, the CMD,has always been at the forefront of the transportation industry. We possess a distribution channel supported by road, along with a skilled and well-experienced management team for arranging the transportation of vehicles of various companies across India. Apart from this, We are also planning to provide airlines service domestically, to the people at large to help them fly to places where only rail facility is available, at present.

Because we know that delivering the goods isn't suffice, hence, we offer high quality services, such as tractor/car loading, warehousing, logistic solution, on time delivery, utmost care of goods, etc. We also provide tracking reports to our clients/customers to help them monitor the status of their consignment.

To put it simply, we assist you do what you can't do on your own, easily.

Apart from our core business of providing logistic services, we have entered into Hospitality industry to serve the section of the society, not benefitted through logistics. For this, we have also established a Five Star Hotel Novotel Lucknow, which would make us stand ahead in the competitive world.

As a provider of innovative logistics and supply-chain services and solutions, MLAAL has an extensive network of 25 offices across India.